Help find Kevin Flynn & get your ARG on…

Flynn Lives

Following the awesome Comic-Con live event, now we might all get a chance to dive into the universe of Tron and its upcoming sequel. The sign-up button shown above helps to cement hopes that this ‘viral’ is going to evolve into a fully-fledged Alternate Reality Game.

There have already been a number of ARGish elements surrounding the first event. Alongside these have been more than one suggestion of 42 Entertainment‘s involvement & comparisons to the start of their Dark Knight game.

I briefly described the path from received packages to Flynn’s Arcade in my last post, but not what proceeded from there…

Those at the arcade over the weekend who played ‘Space Paranoids’ found a code appear onscreen. These codes were given context once the “Flynn Lives” t-shirts provided were viewed under blacklight to point us to a new webpage at

Each code entered unlocked a partial high-res image of a lightcycle and an audio clip. Once all five codes were finally entered, a high-res teaser trailer for the film was revealed – the link for which quickly spread across the net.

Which brings us up to today, when a sign-up form appeared. If you’re interested in playing a new ARG, or have never experienced one before, I suggest adding your email and seeing where it goes.

As always, there are no guarantees as to where this will all lead – but what have you got to lose?


Awesome Start to ‘Tron Legacy’ Viral Promotion

Flynn's Arcade Tokens

This past weekend has seen a most awesome viral promotion event take place in San Diego to promote the upcoming Tron Legacy at Comic-Con. Packages were sent out containing Flynn’s Arcade tokens and flash drives – the latter which contained an animated gif which pointed to the website

Alongside providing insights into the mythology surrounding the Tron Sequel, the site provided a countdown and a location – near the main Comic-Con convention centre. Those who assembled there and then were given blacklights and sent to scour the area to check “Flynn Lives” posters for hidden messages. These messages pointed to a new location – where the crowd awaited a grand opening.

Those of us living vicariously through those there rapidly refreshed our Twitter searches, and the photos and videos began to roll in. Flynn’s Arcade had been recreated in downtown San Diego, complete with Flynn’s game from the first film “Space Paranoids”. On top of this, a secret door eventually opened – and those present could feast their eyes on one of the stunning new Lightcycles:

(video via Dave Cobb)

Naturally a long queue extended out the door, and the crowds were moved into and then out of the arcade until late. The games were free, cast and crew of the film were present (apparently along with staff of 42 Entertainment), and the mood was euphoric.

All in all, a wonderfully successful viral event – awesome nostalgic fun for casual fans, and providing an entry point for what we hope will be a great deal of extra depth for those looking for it…

A big thanks to all those who posted updates, photos & videos!

Getting to O.K.

Getting to O.K.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a relentless optimist.

No matter what situation I am in – no matter how insurmountable the task may seem, my mantra is *almost* always:

“Everything is going to be O.K.”

I have been encouraged in this belief by it being proved right time and time again. Once I had got onto this line of thinking, in every case I could think of it really had turned out O.K. in the end.

But of course while we live nothing really ever ‘ends’ – the chapters just keep on coming. Eventually we find ourselves with another set of complications, another set of insurmountable tasks and a situation in which we feel like there will be no end to the problems.

“Everything is going to be O.K.”

The trick, however, is getting to O.K.

It’s all very well to be optimistic, but it doesn’t actually change the situation. It doesn’t take away all the things we are dreading having to face, deal with and resolve. It doesn’t take away the complications which haven’t even hit us yet.

In fact, a friend suggested that in this regard pessimism is in fact a much easier option. That it’s easier to assume the worst is on its way and then do your best to avoid it happening – instead of imagining some rosy future and trying to somehow get there.

I can see their point, and it makes me want to clarify I think that being an optimist doesn’t mean being an optimist about everything. For me it’s bigger picture – I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, or that more terrible things aren’t potentially on the way.

What I’m saying is that if you’re so focused on what you don’t want to happen, you might get out of the mess you’re in, but where are you left? Being out of a bad situation doesn’t necessarily mean you’re set up to enter into a good one.

However, if you hold firm in the knowledge that everything is going to be O.K., you can start picturing just what “O.K.” looks like. You can begin to work out what steps might be required to get from here to there. You’ve turned a reactive response into a proactive one.

So, when you finally get out of the difficult situation you’re in, you’re at least a step closer to where you would really like to be.

You can get to O.K.

And then perhaps you can relax for a moment or two until you face your next set of challenges…