Like “Fight Club”, but with fewer explosions…

So I finally built up the gumption to email a varaition on my gmail address (without a full-stop part way through), to ask if the person was actually using it and whether they’d perhaps give it to me.

A few months back I figured it made sense to see if it was available and discovered that unfortunately someone had already taken it – no doubt a common experience. So it was that two nights ago I bit the bullet and emailed them.

I introduced myself, explained that I was trying to keep my username/nom de tweet/email the same across the web, and finished up with the fact I understood if they didn’t want to give it up, but I figured it was worth asking.

After a quick proof-read, I finally clicked the send button…

…and immeidately received a message in my inbox. Which began:

(Yes, this is you.)

Turns out, as per the learn more link, that:

Once you sign up for a username, nobody else can sign up for the same username, regardless of whether it contains extra periods or capital letters; those usernames belong to you.

The person I had taken a few months to email and ask if I could use their address was myself. Naturally, I was quite responsive to the idea when finally approached.

As my brother put it:

Kind of like “Fight Club”, but with fewer explosions…

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