Superstruct Advance Mission #2



For those keen get more involved on Superstruct now, here’s another Advance Mission.

The task is to photograph or find an image of something you feel points to what life might be like in 2019.

Once you have an image, add an appropriate caption & “” and post it online. Wherever you upload it, remember to tag it superstruct so we can find it.

Above is an example that I’ve done for the “Ravenous” Threat, to accompany my previous “Peanut Crisis image.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Looking forward to seeing what people come up with!


To help, below are the five Superthreats again, and their summaries from the Superstruct Game Site:

In 2019, the mobile internet and sensor networks we rely on to hold our societies together are being hacked, griefed, and gamed.

In 2019, our neighbors are climate refugees and economic collapse victims who are swarming the planet, looking for a place to live.

In 2019, Respiratory Distress Syndrome is here, and it’s not going anywhere. Outbreaks are just something we live with.

In 2019, we’re all caught up in the “alternative fuel” wars as the world fights over what will take the place of oil.

In 2019, the food chain is broken. So we’re inventing new ways to feed ourselves.

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  1. Great! Will get to it!

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