A Day to Remember

We attended the wedding of some dear friends yesterday – a beautiful ceremony, delicious meal, wonderful reception (including a midnight movie screening) and bus trips between each. As after-dinner coffees were finally being served, the bus arrived to take us to the reception venue. While the rest of the guests finished them off, the groom’s father and I went to let the bus driver knew they wouldn’t be long.

“Well,” the father of the groom said to me, ” It’s been a day we’ll remember for years to come.”

It was true, but I couldn’t help but think how much work had gone into making it so. Following close behind was the fact that so few days fit into that catergory. What is it that marks them in the memory, and why are they so far between?

My brother’s flat recently suffered a power cut. Thanks to a gas stove they were still able to make dinner, but the normal evening activities were unable to go ahead – namely either sitting around watching telly, or sitting around watching youtube. With no lights (let alone electronic entertainment), they lit candles, got out guitairs and had a night of cards, music and chat. Apparently it was such a great night they’re considering pulling all the fuses once a month and hiding them in order to recreate it…

So what is it? A break in routine? A night actually interacting with friends and loved ones? Something carefully planned, or perhaps totally spontaneous?

What isn’t it? A night in front of the telly – unless it’s watching something like the Olympic Closing ceremonies or Princess Dianna’s Funeral, perhaps…

What I do know is that I’d like to have more days to remember. I like the idea of “pulling the fuses” once a month, or at least doing something that will be hard to forget.

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